What is Premium Customer Perception?


Strategic Brand Positioning helps your customer, brand, and company.

Business owners like you understand, in order for marketing to be effective you need to “speak your customer’s language.”

Most growing businesses hit a critical stage of growth where the company brand NEEDS to evolve. This is a right of passage for some CEOs. Recently, Burger King announced a major rebranding initiative, for example. This is an opportunity to re-brand with intention and point your company in a bold new direction.

Marketing works because words matter to your audience. Strategic brand positioning works because words, images, and experiences matter to your audience.

By defining the words and pictures that represent the company brand to you, the business owner, and matching those with words and pictures which resonate as “premium” with your potential customer audience, we create insights of understanding. From this understanding we build a scale of market commodity, mid-market, and premium brand cues.

Next, we reverse-engineer the words, pictures, and experiences of a Premium Brand for your specific audience. We juggle those elements into a unique apropriate brand solution.

Here, I recommend adding a brand flourish against the competition’s brand norms (a bold color palette, unique graphic style, or specific experience point), because I’m creative and I believe it’s best to design intentional differentiation into brand positioning.

In this way, a business owner describes who their audience is and, with a little research, we get an idea of what the audience is used to experiencing from their favorite brands. Then we update your company brand with a Premium Perception Experience more in-line with your desired appeal.

If you invest in rebranding with intention, set your sites on premium. Create a brand and experience worthy of your audience, and make space for your audience to discover your brand.