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Reduce Wasted Time and
Reach Customers Fast with Creative Alignment

Grow your business by connecting with your ideal customers!

Creative Alignment harnesses the power of your story, in words and pictures, to reach your ideal customers fast.

Think of it as reverse-engineering the business you want to portray.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, about 45% of businesses fail by the fifth year, and the Small Business Administration claims that over 90% of small businesses fail within two years of a disaster (like a pandemic). Reasons for business failure include:  running out of money, being in the wrong market, a lack of research, ineffective marketing, and not being seen as an expert in the industry — which are many ways to say they didn’t connect with customers in time.

Every client I’ve served over 25 years in branding and marketing needed to quickly tell customers why their business, products, or services were worthwhile. This clear and consistent communication made it easier to for customers to understand what they were getting, why it matters, and how it affects their lives.

We call this a “story” because customers hear this message and fit the story into their own life narrative, including beliefs and values, when making purchasing decisions big and small.

Recommended By Many

"Stunningly creative and complete from an integration of materials perspective....
I never met a designer who was able to see through his customers' eyes the way Jeremy can. He is a master at taking concept to realization."
Branding & Design and Marketing Brand Think tank creative Jeremy Tank Connecting With The Customers
Brian P.
Gordian Solutions Group, LLC.
"Makes the creative process a joy..."
Jeremy's ability to view projects from a 30,000 ft level, and then have the expertise to develop a minute-to-minute strategy for completion, is amazing. He has a great depth of knowledge of all forms of media and has the creative approach appropriate for each."
Connecting With The Customers Branding & Design and Marketing Brand Think tank creative Jeremy Tank Connecting With The Customers
Susan S.
Desert Dawg Beagles

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