Premium Brand Identity Design

When you want a well-designed logo,

that’s created by humans,

with a focus on your brand’s

specific vision, values, and goals.

The Brand Sage process is a 3-step plan to get a logo that’s uniquely yours,
created to suit your specific needs and inspire your brand.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Imagine your logo in three steps:

  1. Start with a workshop to reach mutual understanding, align goals, and explain your vision.

  2. Develop your logo through a unique process of choices and refinements guided by design experts, best practices, and known market disruptions.

  3. Receive a bespoke human-created logo and identity system, ready to elevate your brand.


SWOT Analysis


Logo Process 


Marketing Packages


Brand Coaching 

$500 / 3 sessions

1:1 Vision Sessions 

$3,000 for 3 hours

About The Brand Sage

The Brand Sage is a Master Designer, celebrated for his award-winning designs, and once heralded as a “schizophrenic creative powerhouse.”

The Brand Sage currently lives and works in San Diego, California.

If you feel lucky, you can ask if the master will personally take your project.

All our logos are designed by real designers; not AI.

Our meat sacks greet your meat sacks. 

How do people
become sages?

The art of becoming a sage mixes personal life experience with learning from ancient and historical people who have gathered their own wisdom. Sages know they stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before. When ancient wisdom and current wisdom collide, they activate the process of becoming a living sage.


Passed from generations of venerated wisdom—

Move forward aligned with ancient wisdom united with cutting edge neuroscience and philosophy, guided by psychology and brilliant Design—with a big D.

Using ancient techniques of the mind, the Brand Sage offers service with wit, wisdom, and gentle compassion.

With our small commune of talented designers, we explore what it means to use culture to define culture, and we change how your brand is perceived by changing the perception

If you qualify...

If you own or direct a business of any size, and you believe in the Laws of the Universe, Vibration, Frequency, Thought and Intention—the Brand Sage will personally guide your experience. 

This is to best align the vibration of your future success with your perceptions of now, connecting the physics of your own quantum entanglement to collapse the waveform of possibility into your desired manifestation. 

If you’re on a budget, work with our team of award-winning design psychology initiates, who already passed degree programs, internships, and some longtime careers to learn directly from the Brand Sage concerning the secrets of Gestalt Design and the influence of reality perception through Design Principles.

Design serves a purpose. 

Bad design is broken design. 

A logo that doesn’t work 
for you is broken.

Symbols of broken design
must be fixed
to hold the energy
of your future.


When you want a well-designed logo, that’s created by a human; with a focus on your vision, values, and goals.

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