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Helping 6 & 7 figure business owners mindfully upgrade your brand to increase revenue using branding and hypnosis.


Experience clarity and confidence for growth

As a business owner, branding helps companies like yours be more agile, stand out, and thrive as our economy experiences massive shifts.

Branding works because your brand is a communication platform with your customers and fans. A remarkable side-effect of this relationship-building is that sales tend to increase.

To increase sales, mindfully position your brand aligned with premium customer perception and experiences.


THINK TANK CREATIVE is a creative branding and design consultancy with additional special skills.  

MANIFEST DESIGN is a branding process to scale a growing business in a competitive world while building incredible brand value.  

A leader and visionary.

Do you need to rebrand?

How our services work



Find the right words and pictures to tell others your story, why you exist, and where you're going. Business is easier with clarity.


Every experience in life creates subconscious programming in your brain. Make life smoother by selecting better words and pictures for your mind.


The words and pictures you use in business must align, connect, and be meaningful to your customers. When successful, you are the "Nike" of your field.

How to work with us


Initial Consultation

Schedule a free, confidential 30-minute discovery call to briefly discuss your needs.

We'll discuss the best approach to take, and see if we're a good fit to work together.

Then we'll happily answer any clarifying questions and elaborate on hypnosis, coaching, or the branding process.


Manifest Design

The branding process to imagine your future dreams and desires. We translate these into words and pictures that tell your story.

We define:
• Your Vision
• Ideal Avatar(s)
• Brand Characteristics
• Beliefs and Values
• Competitive USP

Next, we upgrade your mind with a session of Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) hypnosis and unlock your highest potential.


Branding Design

Align your story with words and pictures your audience will understand, value, and respond to.

To find alignment, we explore:
• Avatar Board(s)
• Mood Boards
• Empathy Boards
• Brandscape(s)

Finally, we deliver a premium identity design with brand guide.


Brand Building

Our role is to address and alleviate your deepest brand concerns. We offer hourly consultation, monthly coaching, team-building exercises, and creative direction to address your specific business and marketing needs.

Experience personal and professional growth, increased self awareness, and a desire to show up strong in your life—regardless of the challenges.

Think Tank Creative is your perfect brand accountability partner.

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A Complete Branding Process

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Branding Design



Premium Identity Design

Illustrative Logos

Your Future is Our Business

Our focus is understanding your vision and reflecting your vision back to you with honed words and images. Words and images your customers will love. It’s your vision, from a slightly new paradigm.

We supercharge your brain with empowering confidence, drive, and resilience to walk the walk, talk the talk, and live the life you’ve always dreamed.

Manifest design


Jeremy Tank is a creative powerhouse. More than just an amazing art director and graphic designer, Jeremy is an incredible illustrator, actor, improv comedian, and impressionist. He also writes witty songs, powerful poetry and compelling copy.
Mark Lange
BrainSells Advertising
I highly recommend Jeremy Tank and Think Tank Creative for branding, promotion, and advertising expertise! The process they took me through was amazing in distilling what I want my brand to be and the direction I want for my business.
Chuck Chapdelaine
Woodshop Co-Op
The logo Jeremy created is spot on and has been mentioned favorably by numerous Instagram followers. We look forward to making it more visible in the future! Also, the approach that Jeremy developed for our brand has turned uncertainty into clarity, and we now have well-defined goals and a path forward. Simply put, we are blown away by Jeremy's insight and creative approach!
Margaret Holt
Sailing La Isla
Working with Jeremy Franck is an inspiring experience. His ability to view projects from a 30,000 ft level and then have the expertise to develop a minute to minute strategy for completion is amazing. He has a great depth of knowledge of all forms of media and has the creative approach appropriate for each. His keen assessment of target audiences makes the creative process a joy when working with him.
Susan Sammarco
Desert Dawg Beagles
Besides having seriously mad technical skills, Jeremy has the heart of a true artist and the artistic sensibilities to know how to use it. He can design absolutely anything, from logos to brochures to billboards. His chops are interdisciplinary. He is just as skilled with a pencil or a paintbrush as he is with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator — or even a camera!
David Shough
Director of Creative Services at
Simplicity Financial Marketing
Jeremy, at Think Tank Creative, stands out in the crowd. As a business professional, this is exactly what you want for your business — the ability to stand out — and Jeremy is the guy to help you do it. He has a creative, out-of-the-box, method for developing attractive brands and he practices what he preaches. When I had the opportunity to experience the process in which he takes his clients through, I was impressed and I have never seen anything like it. His strategy is very thorough and thought-provoking.
Catherine M. White
Accelerated Results 365

Let's talk about your future

Life truly begins when we asks two questions of ourselves:

What am I doing with my life/business/dream right now?

What do I want my future to be?