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Think Tank Creative is a brand and design consultancy for companies, products, and people in the health and wellness field.

Our experience in the pharmaceutical industry and familiarity with healthcare branding puts us in very small pond of talent plus expertise.

Our core services include brand strategy, identity, and package design that’s professional and aesthetically pleasing.


We believe successful brands stand out in their market by embodying a unique personality, embracing intriguing visuals, and exhibiting consistent value.


We are specialists in idea-to-launch branding, providing guidance at the initial stages of brand conception to best reach customers.

We present creative solutions to branding challenges, and provide ideas that align people, purpose, and positioning to achieve business objectives.

Build your brand with intention and an artistic eye; let us help.


People tend to remember what's novel and important to them.
They tend to ignore everything else.
How do you stay on someone's mind?


Memories are emotional. If something fails to create an emotional impact it won't be remembered.
How do customers feel about you?


Value is in the mind of the buyer; not the seller.
How do you educate and communicate your value?

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The Branding Process

1. Strategy


Benefit: Quickly share your goals and create clear understanding of your desires.


Features: Interactive games, outside-the-box thinking, and imagination exercises.


Value: Save time, money, and energy to market.

2. Study


Benefit: Align intent with audience needs, and stand out against competition.


Features: Brand Audit, SWOT Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Differentiation Analysis, Audience Avatars, Mood Boards, and Empathy Boards.


Value: Learn what NOT to do. Learn what matters to the audience.

3. Style


Benefit: Engage with your brand early in the creative process.


Features: Options to show how your brand might manifest in the future.


Value: Direct your brand with intention before design starts.

4. Structure


Benefit: Forward movement; following a plan.


Features: Design, content, and marketing aligned with the brand vision.


Value: Establish a solid foundation with ability to grow. 


Benefits of Brand Planning

We believe that brand planning is necessary to guide long-term impact and growth. Without a map it’s easy to succumb to brand ADHD. Strategy is the map to keep your brand on a winning track. 


To create your map, we developed the Master Strategy Framework. Our process is designed to rapidly reveal insights and drive your brand. Our goal is to align the Three Pillars of Strategy. When we create alignment we generally find return on investments improves.


We believe creativity creates the BEST solutions. Creativity is useful imagination. Useful imagination helps you stand out in a cluttered world.

What our customers say



Unique Strengths

Throughout history it’s rogues and mavericks who break convention and demand attention. Be Bold, Fearless, and Brilliantly You. Your brand can’t afford to be ignored. We need to discover the unique magic of your brand, focus it in branding,  and share it with the world. The Eyes of Artists. Our perspective is different because we are professional artists and scholars who view branding as an art form, and balance communication and experiential brand art with constant growth in economic theory, history, behavioral science, theology, quantum science, and sociology. 


Watch our web series:

In this web series, we sit with interesting people, ask questions, and reveal brilliant nuggets of knowledge you can use to build your stand-out brand.

  • In this episode, sit in the office of Marcelle Allen — and revel in the empowering vision of Dreamosity — as we discuss her book Financial Joy, visualizing complex concepts, serving business with social media, and helping people with humor.

  • In this episode, we sit with Tina Tang — of Parris Blue Photography in Arlington — and discuss her training in photography, what drives her vision, and empowering women.

  • In this episode, we sit with Tracey Warren — of InSpark Coworking LLC in Lynnwood — and discuss what makes InSpark amazingly different, the representation of entrepreneurs, and finding your authentic self.

Our team

Jeremy Tank

Creative Director and Brand Artist

Jeremy Tank works on brands that help people. For nearly eight years he worked for Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation on brands Restylane, Ziana, and Solodyn, and many others. Jeremy also offers guidance and design to local brands like the Arizona Jewish Theatre Company, Bastyr University’s Haunted Trails, Elements restaurant, and the Agave Open.

Jeremy’s eclectic background includes training as a fine artist, improv comedian, photographer, writer, and creative designer. He holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Phoenix, and an MFA from Full Sail University.

Jeremy serves business leaders by offering over twenty years of experience launching brand and marketing campaigns in both agency and corporate environments. He uses his experience and unique insights to unlock your “business” creativity.

Charlie Bushaw

Art Director

Charlie Bushaw is a multimedia designer with over two years of experience producing visually appealing brand solutions.

Charlie received her BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M – Central Texas and her MFA in Media Design from Full Sail University.

Charlie’s background includes delivering marketing campaigns and promotional collateral through collaboration, research, design solutions. Additionally, she strengthens brands by maintaining their social media presences and websites.

Charlie believes successful design starts with extensive research and ends with originality. A memorable design is the solution to connect with consumers.

Charlie Bushaw resides on the Northwest Florida Panhandle.

Brian Colmenares

Art Director

Brian Colmenares is a designer, illustrator, and photographer living in beautiful Los Angeles, California.

As an undergrad, Brian worked as a professional photographer where he had the opportunity to shoot concerts, intramural sports, and develop his art direction by working closely with other creatives on campus-wide design projects. In 2017, Brian graduated from the university of Cal Poly Pomona with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Today, Brian lives in Carson, CA and works for the 5-time champions, the LA Galaxy. His passion for both soccer and design have led him to his dream job where he works with amazing people!

Brain also spends his time designing logo and identity systems to build brands from the ground-up; aiming to bring forth creative solutions through honest design.

Irving Gil

Art Director

Irving Gil’s perspective is unique because of his fine arts background. His work attempts to combine the energy of exploration and artistic discovery with the process-oriented mindset of design to produce work that feels handcrafted and personal while remaining focused on serving the client’s needs and reaching the target customer.

Irving is always focused on backing design decisions with research, and empathic thinking as the target customer. He is not only trying to get the approval of the client but to attract the client’s perfect customer.

Irving is a father of three, a husband, and a veteran. His life experiences have taught him how to love life, be happy while working, and how to french braid hair (albeit not as well as his wife).