Parris Blue Photography with Tina Tang
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Parris Blue Photography with Tina Tang

Parris Blue Photography with Tina Tang

Do you know the people in your community? Do you know who to turn to when you’re happy, sad, hungry, sore, or broken? Or do you rely on your phone, computer, or star ratings from strangers to guide your life? What if you can’t find the best people because they’re not found online? Where do you turn? Who do you know? 


In this episode, we sit with Tina Tang — of Parris Blue Photography in Arlington — and discuss her training in photography, what drives her vision, and empowering women.

One of Tina’s missions is to help women accept and embrace themselves; to this end, she works with survivors of domestic violence. She also focuses on young girls; promoting positive body image. She wants girls — and women — to know that they are born with everything they need to be enough. They only need to work on being the best version of themselves.

1:45 – Introduction to the way this works 
2:37 – Welcome to Coloring with Jeremy 
6:00 – Jeremy’s perspective on technology
8:15 – Introduction of the studio
9:15 – Introduction of Tina Tang of Parris Blue Photography
10:03 – How did you get into photography?
13:15 – “When I first started my business…”
13:50 – Working with women
16:06 – A little bit of Jeremy’s background
19:03 – Tina in high school
21:30 – Expressions in photography
22:40 – “It just seeps out of me.”
23:45 – A little color in your life
25:33 – “I’m kind of ADD.”
26:04 – Tina describes how she works
27:55 – Not a fan of cartoons
29:05 – Photography details
31:23 – A great collection of props
32:32 – The property
34:11 – Shout out to Fort Huachuca
34:44 – “Names are really important to me…”
36:11 – Those vintage styles
36:45 – How do you normally find clients?
39:36 – The best advice for single women at photoshoots
41:43 – The world we live in
43:15 – Who’s out there? 
44:54 – One of Tina’s skills
47:49 – Volunteering for church preschool
49:15 – Working with little girls
50:58 – Mom and Daughter Tutu Event
53:17 – Always time to learn more
57:28 – Looking at other photographers
59:01 – “I’ve never wanted to be just like everybody else.”
1:00:04 – When to hire Parris Blue Photography
1:01:07 – Pin-up style
1:01:37 – Wrapping up
1:02:08 – How can people reach you?
1:04:30 – How to be on Coloring with Jeremy

Coloring with Jeremy is a “one take; no takebacks” series where we play with the creative centers of our brains to relax nerves, have authentic conversations, and embrace 60 minutes of childlike coloring joy. 

In this series, we’re sitting down with interesting people, asking questions, listening, and revealing brilliant nuggets of knowledge you can use to build your stand-out brand. What happens? Amazing people share their lives, offer their perspectives, and invite you to join them in their lives and businesses. 


Browse Tina’s portfolio:

Schedule your photoshoot today: 425-870-3319


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