Manifest Design Combines Branding and Hypnosis to Benefit Your Future

Manifest Design

How 8 Simple Steps with Branding Can Change Your Life

The Manifest Design is a branding process. A branding process manifest design defines the words and pictures that help you (as a person, business, product, service or idea) share a unique story with a specific audience. Branding’s manifest design purpose is to help you grab attention and stand out when compared to every other option. The thing you are building doesn’t simply compete with other brands; it competes with all the options that are available in the world. To communicate effectively with your audience, it’s helpful to carefully select your words and pictures to align with your audience’s perceptions and understanding. By aligning meaning with an audience who shares the same understanding of the chosen words and pictures, we tend to find results that increase attention and revenue.

Manifest Design also provides a vision and energy to your life and business. This is your vision and your energy reflected back to you through the mirror of branding. With the addition of hypnosis, we train your brain to become familiar with, and effortless find, the everyday success of your vision. As you train your own brain to recognize the life you want to live, and gradually become unfamiliar with the life you choose to leave behind, you learn how broadly and deeply you impact the actual physical universe with your desires. This effortlessly shifts the Law of Attraction into high gear on your behalf. 

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The Manifest Design Process takes place over 8 one-hour sessions. Sessions are generally held one-on-one, via ZOOM, and also make excellent team exercises. Each week, we examine and explore one area of your business. We assign and review homework assignments to activate your brain with critical and creative thinking.

The Steps of Manifest Design Are:

1. We start by defining your Vision and priming your subconscious for success. Without a vision, we drift in the stream of life. The brain is bombarded by tens of thousands of thoughts from outside us every day which influence our thoughts, focus, and actions. A defined vision of the future helps our brains guide us in the same direction as our dreams.

2. Next we define your ideal audience and create an Avatar. It’s easier to imagine, speak to, and serve a single person than a group. This avatar helps you develop empathy and understand your service, product, or offer in the context of the audience who needs the results of your business. 

3. Then we’ll focus on your Brand. A brand is like a reputation, a brand is what people really say about you behind your back, and is influenced through perception. Perception creates reality. The goal is to define the reality that you bring into the world. The result is your audience will recognize and remember your amazing business when they need it because you’ve already established a familiar connection. 

4. I‘ll help you examine your business Beliefs and Values. Beliefs are powerful drivers of action, and some beliefs can hold us back from our own potential. We will explore Marissa Peer’s Rules of the Mind to see your beliefs in context of your new reality. We will explore values in connection to beliefs and define values that align a growing business. 

5. We’ll focus on a Market Analysis and evaluate what makes you Unique. Sharing your uniqueness makes your business stand out from other businesses. They say, “The riches are in the niches” because it’s easier to stand out in a niche. In a commodity market, no business stands out. The biggest differentiating factor becomes price. Customers will usually buy the lowest price unless given a reason that’s more compelling. 

6. One of the most important actions of any business is establishing Priorities. Planning the next steps to increase awareness of your business will jump-start getting new leads and closing sales. Relying strictly on word-of-mouth referrals is slow and ineffective; especially in the midst of a pandemic. 

7. Once you’ve got these basics in place we’ll use a specific hypnosis technique called Rapid Transformation Technique (RTT) to reinforce your vision. Through hypnosis and inner-mind training, we teach your brain to perceive opportunities previously unavailable to you. The subconscious mind controls 95% of our behavior. Only 5% of our behavior is consciously controlled. Your subconscious is incredibly powerful and can move you in positive directions without your even realizing. As you train your own brain to recognize the life you want to live, and gradually become unfamiliar with the life you choose to leave behind, you deeply impact the world with your focus and desires. This effortlessly shifts the Law of Attraction into high gear on your behalf by using your subconscious mind in addition to your conscious mind to achieve your goals. 

8. The last step is a Review of findings. By reviewing this information in context, we anchor the plan deep into your subconscious and excite your conscious brain to bring it to life. 

The Manifest Design Program continues with monthly coaching calls, additional hypnosis sessions to address specific topics, and premium brand design.

Statistics show that every year, the influence of social media and technology makes it more difficult for our brains to focus and achieve our goals. Starting and growing a business is difficult enough without a pandemic, weak economy, and multitudes of distractions. Business owners have to wear many hats, and in the process of getting business done, they lose sight of the vision that started it all. Manifest Design is a way to grab hold of that vision and bring it back to the forefront again. This process captures your vision and upgrades your brand to match your passionate vision. Upgrading you in the process.


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