How the Steps of Manifest Design Effortlessly Activate the Law of Attraction for your Business

Manifest Design, How the Steps of Manifest Design Effortlessly Activate the Law of Attraction for your Business

MANIFEST DESIGN is a process to scale a growing business in a competitive world while building incredible brand value.

How is your business growing in our current crowded, crazy, upside-down world? Do you see the COVID-19 global pandemic as a trash compactor, squishing your options and taking you to the dump, or as an opportunity for growth and change? The iconic businessman and inventor of the assembly line, Henry Ford, once said, “Whether you think you can—or you think you can’t—you’re right.” Putting a little distance between your everyday bottom-line and playfully imagining your future creates the freedom of choice. This choice activates creative energy and transforms business and life.


Creativity is not found in the brain. Nor is consciousness. Progress in scan and imaging technology each year grants neuroscientists vision to peer deeper into the workings of our physical brains. We can see how brains process joy and sorrow. We can examine the minds of monks deep in meditation. Through these amazing insights and illustrative findings, though, we still can’t find the source of our individuality, our consciousness, or the spark of brilliant insight and new ideas. Newly documented connections between biology, physiology, and quantum science hold space for individual authority beyond the self; with incredible ramifications for those who choose to believe.

The philosopher Alan Watts, whose musings compare tenets of Christianity, Buddhism, and Zen, offers that we frequently view ourselves as separate from the world—above it and masters of it. Yet, as we examine human life as distinct from the world we “lose the storyline” because we cannot exist without the world. We need food. We need air. We need rest. We are as much part of the world’s biology as our organ systems are part of our physical biology.

As humans influence and change the world, shaping it in our desires, so does the inner environment of our mind and body change the health of the cells throughout. Well-known authors and teachers—including doctors Bruce Lipton, Joseph Dispenza, and Dawson Church—advocate a state of increased health through intention and mindful awareness of our own mental state. Dr. Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, lays the groundwork for the transformation of unhealthy cells into healthy cells through modifications of protein markers which direct the cells’ actions. Many of these markers are created in the body in response to the emotions we feel, and the markers directly affect the health of the building blocks of life, our DNA.

Microbiology and Physiology

It’s not only emotions that affect DNA. Our double-helix blueprint is very basic, highly flexible, and changes to adapt to our lives and environment. Protein markers, light, and electromagnetic fields are just a few of the influencing factors that change the outcome DNA duplication process, called transcription, with the help of small bits of additional genetic code called mRNA. These pieces of additional code sit over sections of DNA like stacking Legos. When transcription is triggered, the additional mRNA changes the newly duplicated results. The result of negatively influenced transcription may be linked to premature cell death, known as apoptosis, or cancer, but these changes don’t have to be negative.

Recent research into mindfulness and physiology find that positive thinking and mindfulness practices, such as yoga, meditation, or qigong, increase the amount of telomerase, a protein found on the ends of DNA. Telomerase is thought of as a cellular signifier of aging. As cells experience DNA transcription and cells divide to create new cells, the amount of telomerase decreases. Telomerase is like an error-checking zone in the duplication. When telomerase is gone, chances that DNA transcription will result in errors increases. Cells that produce damaged DNA must be flushed from our bodies or they might duplicate and spread, creating numerous dangerous body conditions with fancy medical names and may eventually lead to death. Damaged cells throughout the body are generically thought of as cancer.

Physics and Chemistry

What happens when we add proteins like telomerase to our DNA? We literally add molecules to our physical being. We add atoms to our physical form, our atomic community, and as high school physics teaches: matter and energy are the same. The universe is full of energy. Some we can sense and some we can’t. Every second of life we are changing the collective energy frequency in our bodies as we eat, digest, reproduce, and feel. You are not the same energy as you were two minutes ago. One minute from now your energy will be different.

Two properties of energy are frequency and light. As you move through life, the atomic community within you resonates with a frequency. Think of it like a symphony where every subatomic particle plays an instrument. You are a beautiful symphony. The Earth also emits a melodic frequency known as the Schumann Resonance. In fact, all energy—thus all matter—emits an energy frequency.

Quantum Science

An interesting feature of energy and frequency is that it is not bound by time or space. Famed scientist Albert Einstein said that quantum mechanics, the study of the smallest pieces of the universe, should allow two objects to affect each other’s behavior instantly across vast distances, something he dubbed “spooky action at a distance.” We call this quantum entanglement. Decades after his death, experiments confirmed this.

Looking at the research of neuroscientists, we see that the brain creates the same connections across millions of neurons when we experience an event for the first time and when we remember the event. Here’s the cool part, the brain doesn’t differentiate between past, present, or future when firing and wiring neurons. Additionally, over time, neurons that fire together repeatedly become increasing wired together so the body fires them more efficiently each time. Imagining a future event uses the same limited numbers of neurons in the brain that may connect during a baseball game or remember a friend’s birthday. The brain simply makes connections in a different order and configuration. This is similar to the way a TV can show millions of different images, and they all use the same pixels to create the images. Whether we think about the past, present, or future the brain uses the same neurons to help us process the thoughts. What happens on the energy level when we think about different times?

The Shifting Waves

The energy signature of your body, your thoughts, and your imagination shifts like all frequencies. There are peaks and troughs. Time of day, emotional state, and physical health all play a factor in your energy. Also, the more you think a thought, the easier it is for your body to fire and wire connected neurons because the body craves efficiency. An efficient body is more likely to stay alive and reproduce, and is therefore more likely to survival from an evolutionary standpoint.

When we think thoughts repeatedly, a similar energy signature is created in the body. We cannot recreate a single energy signature every time we concentrate on a thought, though, because our bodies are constantly shifting in the atomic community. The overall symphony of our energy body may sound slightly different each time.

Another curious finding of quantum science is the function of energy as both wave and particle at the same time. The infamous double-slit experiment illustrates the shifting nature of the physical world, and has been repeated hundreds of times. The initial experiments used photons—small single-element subatomic particles that make up light—to show the dual nature of the quantum world. When the beam of photos passes through a single slit, the resulting image appears as a singular result, indicating that the photons move as particles. When the beam passes through double slits the results show a spread pattern, as if photons move in waves. Some of the most recent experiments don’t use photons, but molecules consisting of dozens of atoms. Regardless of size, the results of the experiment remain consistent. The results also show that the observer has a direct effect on whether energy behaves as a single particle or flows as a wave. So what does this hint to us about our thoughts?

Universal Influence

We already see that thoughts influence our biology on cellular level, and that we emit a frequency of energy, a symphony of all the energy vibrations within our atomic community. We also see that the brain makes no difference between past, present, and future Manifest Design —just like energy. We know that energy connects through time and space via Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance.” What if our thoughts, and the energy of those thoughts connects and resonates with the universe around us?

Quantum science works on probability. Subatomic particles may be found as a particle or they may remain obscure, as a wave or cloud, depending on the influence of the observer. What if quantum entanglement is the power behind manifestation, and thought-energy stretches through time and space to shift the probability of waves to particles? As we imagine, dream, and plan we bind the energy of intention with counterparts of energy. Energy effects other energy, and quantum entanglement creates a cascade that manipulates distant places and times.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is not a magnetic pull from thoughts to reality. The Law of Attraction is an idea that we are actively creating ideas, feelings, and manifestations that exist in quantum entanglement. We are creators actively creating our own experience. Law of Attraction “guru” Esther (Abraham) Hicks calls this the “vortex.” Everything we want exists in the vortex—in a timeless, space-less wave-state of quantum opportunity accessible to our thoughts via our atomic community frequency, and as quantum options collapse from wave to particle through our direct life experience it’s up to us to bring those ideas, feelings, and manifestations into being.

Our brains do not directly interface with the world around us. We need our senses to create order out of the chaos of universal energy in physical matter. Each day, we swim in a universal ocean of energy, ignoring most of it like a fish in water. We make sense of the world by seeing it, smelling it, touching it, tasting it, and hearing it. We define the world using words and pictures that make sense to our brain. Is a kitten hard or soft? Is today’s weather warm or cold?

Our experience of life is very personal. No two people have the exact same life experience, just as no two people have the same atomic community energy frequency. Both experiences and frequencies have the ability to change second to second. One can shift their perception of the moment simply by changing the words and pictures they use in their brains. Whether an experience is negative or positive depends on the choice of words and pictures. This, in turn, changes the frequency of the individual’s symphony of frequency and the quantum entanglement of opportunity before it collapses into a perception of reality.

Universal Energy Field

Everything that is and everything that can be is already present in the universal energy field. The universal energy field is every frequency of energy from negative eternity to positive eternity, and exists in a timeless, space-less state beyond our brain’s comprehension. Everything—is simply too big for our tiny physical brain to comprehend. Within the universal energy field is the vortex of creation, powered by the words and pictures of our intention and perception.

We experience the power of the vortex pulling from the universal energy field in sleep, meditation, and the flow state. In these states, our brain transitions from a fast beta wave frequency to slower alpha and theta frequencies. These frequencies tune the brain into the universal energy field’s wide-open quantum opportunity like changing the radio station to find the perfect song.


The most powerful engine to collapse quantum possibilities into the desired perception of reality is belief. Belief is a powerful driver of action in the physical world. Beliefs are rules we absorb from childhood, our social world, culture, and life experience.

The Physical Brain

It’s long been identified that the emotional center of our brain is located deep in the limbic brain. This ancient brain, sometimes called the lizard brain, is responsible for instant emotional reactions, such as the fight or flight response, as well as reproduction and survival. Communication within the body from the limbic brain is unconscious and much faster than signals from the conscious parts of the brain. The limbic brain is active, even in very young children, and works in conjunction with the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems to train the remainder of the developing brain.

At creation, the brain is empty of training and full of possibility. Even inside the womb, the brain creates beliefs and rules which guide personality and behavior. Later, the limbic brain helps the rest of the brain determine what is safe from what is unsafe, and dictates rules which create familiarity around safety for continued survival. These rules become beliefs, written deep into connections in the midbrain, which is associated with vision, hearing, motor control, sleep and wakefulness, alertness, and temperature regulation. Later in life our outer-brain, or cerebrum, helps us categorize and file away the thousands of words and pictures associated with the outer physical world. Until the age of seven, children’s brains operate in a frequency called theta, which allows easy programming and connection throughout the brain.

As we grow, reinforced beliefs fire and wire sets of neurons together even more tightly. The body loves to be efficient, because efficiency means greater chances of survival, and to relieve the strain of too much neuron firing the subconscious brain creates rules. These rules tell the body how to behave and react when confronted by a trigger based on a certain belief. The theta brainwave state common in children allows millions of triggers and rules to be built below the level of the conscious mind. This ensures a greater chance of survival as a newborn grows from a child into adulthood.

The Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is not to simply live. If we found resolute contentment in the simple act of living we might compare ourselves favorably to cats and dogs, and find higher forms of life to care for our needs. Humans are born with a drive to express something deep within us. We come into this world bringing an essence of universal truth and imagination. If you’re a parent you might feel this watching your child grow year after year.

Like a tree, fresh as a sproutling, a child grows under the influence of parents, family, friends, community, society, and environment. Year after year, subconscious beliefs become behavior and behavior transitions into personality. Your personality influences those around you by drawing some people in and pushing others away. Frequently, we find safety in what is familiar, whether these choices are best for us or not. Like a tree, after many decades, we all end up a little windswept, slightly knarled, and beautifully original.

In the end, it’s the actions not taken that linger. Not asking that guy out in college. Staying home alone instead of going dancing with friends. Not finding a purpose, or drive, and expressing that something special deep within. Fear is often the culprit, and fear is the domain of all those subconscious programs meant to keep us safe. How do we activate our purpose and live a more fulfilling life?


Much of our personality and mental programming lies below the level of the conscious mind. Some expert meditators place themselves deep into theta brainwave frequencies, bypassing the conscious mind and plumbing the depths of their root mental programs. Most of us aren’t expert meditators; so how do we remove negative programming that keeps us in the fearful familiar state? Hypnosis is one key to this type of transformation.

Far from the fanciful hocus pocus that Hollywood convinces the world hypnosis is, the truth is far less exciting and far more useful. If actual hypnosis worked the way Hollywood portrayed, most hypnotists would drive much nicer cars.

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of being. If you’ve ever watched a movie or listened to a music album and lost track of time you’ve been in hypnosis. For the first several years of their life, children are technically in a state of hypnosis. It’s not that we aren’t conscious and fully in control; we simply relax into an easy state of allowing. Eckhart Tolle might say that we have found NOW. With no concentration on the past or future, and no immediate trauma tying our brain to thinking certain thoughts, we simply exist in the moment.

During these times, the brain shifts from a fast beta brainwave frequency into slower alpha and theta brainwave frequencies. The conscious mind lets go and settles. The body relaxes. The deeper midbrain and limbic brain open to influence. Still with full control and awareness, this state allows us to explore experiences at the center of beliefs—some of which are memories and subconscious decisions which work in opposition to our conscious beliefs and motivations. When we explore these events, ideas, and feelings we can teach the brain to reframe them.

Reframing an idea shifts the words and pictures surrounding an experience. Changing the words and images changes the feelings associated with the experience. As the words, pictures, and feelings change, beliefs shift. Configurations of words, pictures, and feelings are what create experience memories and the energy of beliefs tied to those memories. Shifting the words, pictures, feelings, and beliefs of a memory changes the atomic community frequency within you. Your body literally resonates with a different vibration in the quantum universe, bringing different experiences to your attention in the present.


One of the great discoveries to present itself through neuroscience is that we are not limited by our physical brain. Science used to believe that the brain becomes static in maturity. This means that science believed it was harder to learn once you get older, and that damaged brains can never recover. However, neurons are not static. Neurons make new connections throughout life. Connections that are no longer useful cause neurons to disengage are create more fruitful connections. Over time, neurons that fire together wire together for efficiency.

It takes at least 21 days to rewire your brain. During this time, our brain acquires feedback on these changes and adjusts the neural network within to optimize connections. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a process in the brain that uses beliefs as a framework for our perception of reality. The job of the RAS is to examine the world around us through our senses, sort the data, and toss out the stuff that’s irrelevant. Our brains receive over 10,000 sensory signals event second. Some of these signals come from outside our body, like sight, heat, and pressure. Some of these signals come from inside our organs or from individual cellular communities, like from the bacteria in our digestive system. Of all these signals, we consciously process about 40.

The RAS prioritizes sensory signals and selects signals most in-line with the perception of reality of our beliefs. Our brain is then presented with an environment and sense of self within the environment. Hypnosis is one technique to reframe the beliefs that drive the RAS, shift the neural network through neuroplasticity, and present a whole new perception of reality to the brain. Other methods include deep meditative practices and intentionality. However, maintaining focus on goals and intentionality may feel challenging over the weeks necessary to train the RAS while neurons reconfigure.

Brain Versus Mind

The perception of self is one part brain and one part mind. When we think of the mind, many people imagine it as an outcome of having a brain. Brains are physical. Neurons are cells in the brain and can be connected and reconnected to other neurons. Descartes’ illuminating quote, “I think therefor I am” still stumps us today because neuroscience shows us where thinking happens in the brain, but now exactly how. “I think” is a function of the mind. Creativity, imagination, and consciousness can’t be found in the brain. These are functions of the mind. Receiving signals from the limbic brain, RAS, and our senses is the realm of the brain. Interpreting those signals into a perception of reality and choosing our reaction to that perception is the realm of the mind.


Last, I’d like to introduce you to a concept in Zen called Wu-Wei, or the way of not trying, or no effort. This is not to say that one lays around all day and the world comes to them. That’s laziness. My interpretation of wu-wei is an acknowledgement that the world is influenced by forces far greater than me, a tiny individual. With a realization of smallness, a respectful person cannot try to control the universe. The most one can do is allow and react. This release of control becomes a choice. In this choice, one focuses on managing their inner world, to remain in a state of harmony, regardless of the exterior experiences. We embrace the way of the world as waves of energy in a flowing stream. We can choose to swim with the waves and reach the other shore of the stream. Or we can struggle against the current, become angry with the way of the world, panic and be swept further downstream, away from our goals. In the book Transurfing, this concept is called “splashing in the puddle” and usually involves heightened emotions and the need to prove one’s worth or superiority. Transurfing also speaks to the idea of wu-wei through the explanation that the universe meets us halfway when we move confidently in the direction of our desires.

A Brand Process

Manifest Design is a branding process. A branding process defines the words and pictures that help a business, product, or service stand out. In business, it’s helpful to hone those words and pictures to selections that effectively communicate with a particular customer, who has a shared understanding of the meaning behind those particular words and pictures.

Manifest Design provides a vision and energy to your life and business. This is your vision and your energy. The exercises build powerful neural connections and harmonize the atomic community frequency in the body to allow positively-focused quantum entanglement. These forces, when followed by the 21-day brain-training protocol, connect your efforts to your goals and allow the universe to meet you halfway. As you train your own brain to recognize the life you want to live, and gradually become unfamiliar with the life you choose to leave behind, you learn how broadly and deeply you impact the actual physical universe with your desires. This effortlessly shifts the Law of Attraction into high gear on your behalf.

You become master of your own reality.