InSpark Coworking with Tracey Warren
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InSpark Coworking with Tracey Warren

InSpark Coworking with Tracey Warren

Do you know the people in your community? Do you know who to turn to when you’re happy, sad, hungry, sore, or broken? Or do you rely on your phone, computer, or star ratings from strangers to guide your life? What if you can’t find the best people because they’re not found online? Where do you turn? Who do you know?

Let’s imagine you’re an entrepreneur with big ideas, a healthy set of clients, and no quiet place to work. You need a place to focus. You want a space to concentrate. You hope to save money and reinvest back in the business as much as possible. You could sit in Starbucks for eight hours a day, five days a week. You might pay for an expensive “hipster” coworking office in downtown Seattle, thinking location equals success. Or, you could join a community of caring and fun-loving business people north of the city; in a coworking space that supports you with open tables, cubicles, conference rooms, and laughter.

In this episode, we sit with Tracey Warren — of InSpark Coworking LLC in Lynnwood — and discuss what makes InSpark amazingly different, the representation of entrepreneurs, and finding your authentic self.

1:25 – Welcome to Coloring with Jeremy
3:35 – Introducing Tracey Warren
4:30 – Seattle freeze
11:15 – Systems vs. one-off
23:30 – Strategizing networking
34:30 – The best advice
43:00 – “One blank at a time…”
52:00 – Getting fired-up
1:01:10 – They’re afraid because they don’t understand
1:03:28 – Where do people find you?

Coloring with Jeremy is a “one take; no takebacks” series where we play with the creative centers of our brains to relax nerves, have authentic conversations, and embrace 60 minutes of childlike coloring joy.

In this series, we’re sitting down with interesting people, asking questions, listening, and revealing brilliant nuggets of knowledge you can use to build your stand-out brand. What happens? Amazing people share their lives, offer their perspectives, and invite you to join them in their lives and businesses.

Find an InSpark membership plan perfect for your needs: :

Learn more and see this amazing space:

Plans start as low as $50 per month.
Get a Day Pass for only $30.

16824 44th Ave. W.
Suite 130
Lynnwood, WA 98037
Phone: 425-245-7998

Find Tracey on Facebook:
And on LinkedIn:

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