How to think tank a positioning statement
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How to think tank a positioning statement

How to think tank a positioning statement

The FIVE attributes you need to anchor a brand statement.

Have you heard of the “Onliness” statement? It’s a horrible name. Blame Marty Neumeier. It’s “Onliness” as in, “I’m the only one who…”

It’s tough to write one of those, right? Because we all know competition is plentiful, and when we start researching and comparing with everyone else, it feels like everyone essentially does the same stuff.

How does anyone stand out?

How can everyone stay in business when there’s so much competition?

That’s why I use brand positioning. Brand positioning is the emotional core of your business. Add it to a marketing statement (like “I’m the only…”) and it adds a depth and value to everything you offer.

THAT helps you truly stand out and connect with people!

Hi, I’m Jeremy Tank, a branding designer, brand artist, and creative consultant. I builds rock-solid brand foundations with loyalty, community-building, and business growth baked in.

For 20 years I worked as a visual designer until I realized that—with a little more conversation and intentional direction—my clients and I could build brand loyalty faster and cheaper than ever before using digital marketing tactics, behavioral influence, and design aesthetics aligned with customers needs; to build trust and commitment quickly.

We call this intent-based branding, where the intent is to help you sell products and services.

If you’ve struggled with figuring out your brand in the past; watch the video and try these tactics yourself.

If you want help, message me.

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