How to create a deeper customer understanding
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How to create a deeper customer understanding

How to create a deeper customer understanding

The key to more meaningful customer relationships.

I’m not knocking demographics. The basic data marketing uses to identify people is demographics. It’s good, generic data. Today, we’ve got deeper insights that can connect you with your customers, right?

If you know what your customers read, watch, like, share, and talk about then you’ve got the key to their personality—and ultimately how to help them solve their problems better.

In branding, we use demographics, psychographics (the likes, dislikes, lifestyle choices, and cultural references) to imagine a more rounded customer personality.

Instead of one generic person, we start to identify three, four, or more. The more precise we get with branding this way, the better and more effective we communicate through marketing, and that’s good for business!

Hi, I’m Jeremy Tank, a branding designer, brand artist, and creative consultant. I build rock-solid brand foundations with loyalty, community-building, and business growth baked in from the start.

For 20 years I worked as a visual designer until I realized that—with a little more conversation and intentional direction—my clients and I could build brand loyalty faster and cheaper than ever before using digital marketing tactics, behavioral influence, and design aesthetics aligned with customers needs; to build trust and commitment quickly.

We call this intent-based branding, where the intent is to help you build a relationship and sell products and services.

If you’ve struggled with figuring out your brand in the past; watch the video and try building a deeper customer avatar yourself.

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