Dreamosity Social Media Services with Marcelle Allen
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Dreamosity Social Media Services with Marcelle Allen

Dreamosity Social Media Services with Marcelle Allen

If you don’t know the people in your community; who to turn to when you’re happy, sad, hungry, sore, or broken? If you only rely on your phone and star ratings from strangers to guide your life; what are you missing out on when the BEST people aren’t found online? If you don’t know where turn, and who to contact; then you’re in the right place to find answers, grow your community, and learn about the helpful business people near you. 


In this episode, we sit with Marcelle Allen — and her empowering vision in Dreamosity located in Lynnwood, Washington — to discuss her book Financial Joy, helping business owners with social media growth, and helping people heal with humor. 

Dreamosity is a “discoverability service” helping business owners be seen online. Through social media management, video content, and training services Dreamosity bridges the gaps in online knowledge by helping you grow an audience and teaching you how to effectively communicate with them.

Marcelle is dynamically visual and serves clients by translating hard-to-grasp ideas into clear and precise imagery that’s useful and easier to understand than numbers and spreadsheets. She’s also the author of Financial Joy, sharing a visual way to get excited about tracking and measuring financial patterns and goals, and the co-founder of LAF Tech, a program for anyone to learn how to skillfully use methods of humor to improve their personal lives and careers through public comedy.

2:18 – One hour on the clock
4:05 – Financial Joy 3D Model
5:08 – Marcelle’s Money-Making Journey Wisdom
7:33 – Three types of people we see in sales
9:38 – We turn spreadsheets into pictures
10:37 – Finally getting to introductions
11:01 – …and I’m a laugher coach.
12:02 – Prismacolor side note
14:01 – “I geek out.”
16:01 – I started Dreamocity…
18:19 – Seven things you need to run a successful business
21:03 – The minute we’re accountable… we have skin in the game
23:07 – Thanks Les Brown
23:45 – Pulling out “The Matrix”
27:40 – I go a step farther with my clients
29:45 – One night…
31:31 – Defining Terms
33:27 – Intro to Internet Glitter vs. Internet Litter
34:01 – Remarkable Leaders
35:41 – Jeremy gets interrogated in return
37:20 – Defining branding
38:21 – Did I tell you about visual leadership?
40:21 – I believe the financial and legal industries…
42:18 – The creativity intelligence test
45:00 – One the biggest pet peeves
48:35 – So what are your business problems?
50:32 – Turning away clients
51:50 – Return to the Matrix
52:02 – Coffee for Creatives
53.22 – I used to call myself an Idea Manager
54:19 – Holy lists, Batman
55:00 – A tough question
56:01 – Compound effect
56:52 – The core of Dreamosity
58:03 – LAF Tech
59:12 – Humor Heals
1:02:08 – Time’s Up

Coloring with Jeremy is a “one take; no takebacks” series where we play with the creative centers of our brains to relax nerves, have authentic conversations, and embrace 60 minutes of childlike coloring joy. 

In this series, we’re sitting down with interesting people, asking questions, listening, and revealing brilliant nuggets of knowledge you can use to build your stand-out brand. What happens? Amazing people share their lives, offer their perspectives, and invite you to join them in their lives and businesses. 


The Dreamosity Website: http://www.dreamosity.com
Buy a copy of Financial Joy: http://www.dreamosity.com/training/shop/financial-joy/
Learn About LAF Tech: http://laftechnw.com

Call Dreamosity today: 360-420-9966

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamosity/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dreamosity/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dreamosity/

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