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Think Tank Brand Workshop

September 12, 2019

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A brand is a person's perception. Of course, it makes marketers nervous to think that marketing is out of their control, but that's why the discipline of branding has emerged.

Marty Neumeier, author of ZAG and THE BRAND GAP

Learn to create your own brand strategy, take control of your business and career, and make better decisions leading to greater return on investments.

One-on-one and group classes teach you how to build your brand like a practiced guru. Figure out brand attributes, create a positioning statement, and illuminate the customer experience. 


In only three classes, walk step-by-step through the Think Tank Master Strategy Framework. Learn how this framework builds on simple answers, and discover how these answers provide incredible guidance for your marketing, design, and content.

Take the confident next steps to launch and build your brand. 


This framework can be used with products, services, companies, events, music videos, YouTube channels, communities, not-for-profit endeavors, and world-changing ideas. Connect your brand’s intended influence with a specific customer audience using design thinking, creative problem solving, and behavioral science.

Classes are held via Zoom and last one hour.

Classes are held once per week and require approximately three hours per week for research, writing, and analysis.

These classes are not for everyone.


If you believe you don’t have time to dedicate to learning and growing your strategic focus, and you’re unwilling to take a total of nine hours to learn; this is not for you.


If you believe ad-hoc tactical solutions are sufficient for your business and brand growth, and you aren’t interested in learning why a consistent brand wins market share over time; this is not for you.  


If you believe there is no difference between you and your nearest competition, and you only want to focus on price as a primary driver; this is not for you.  

This is for you if your company hires outside agencies for branding strategy, you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on so-called specialists who deliver guidance ripe with, “No, duh” factor, and you’d like to learn a straightforward framework to do this work yourself. 


This is for you if you’re a product or marketing manager who’s done your SWOT and competitive analysis, written reports and guidance, and are still struggling to find a positioning gap that cements your brand in customer’s minds and hearts that the C-Suite team can rally around.


This is for you if you’re an independent marketer searching for the perfect add-on service that follows a straightforward process, provides clarity and guidance, and elevates your relationship with clients because use of the framework clearly demonstrates knowledge, mastery and expertise.