Branding for Mental Efficiency
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Branding for Mental Efficiency

Branding for Mental Efficiency

How to be the ONE people think of.

Here’s a knowledge bomb, the human body chases efficiency. When we work out in a repetitive fashion the workouts tend to get less effective over time. We can increase weight and time, but eventually we plateau. That’s why many trainers change exercises every so often.

Have you every had a plant or piece of furniture in your house that you simply forget is there? That’s the brain tricking you by removing objects from your focus that don’t demand regular attention. If it doesn’t require regular attention; then it must not be super important, right? Therefor, the brain can slowly erase it and focus on other high-impact thoughts that require more focus.

Branding is brain candy for efficiency. Branding let’s you plant ideas, feelings, and concepts in another person’s brain and relate it to your products and services in a way that serves them efficiency. When your brand is tied to a multitude of thoughts and feelings; then your audience doesn’t have to think or compare anymore. And that’s good for your business.

Hi, I’m Jeremy Tank, a branding designer, brand artist, and creative consultant. I build rock-solid brand foundations with loyalty, community-building, and business growth baked in from the start.

For 20 years I worked as a visual designer until I realized that—with a little more conversation and intentional direction—my clients and I could build brand loyalty faster and cheaper than ever before using digital marketing tactics, behavioral influence, and design aesthetics aligned with customers needs to build trust and commitment quickly.

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